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WILD 2023 - Building up Momentum

Over recent weeks we’ve been working with studio heads who are well and truly deep into their 2023 strategies and momentum building.

Some of the key outtakes from those conversations are to make 2023 a WILD year, and there are two key pivots that are needed. First, each organisation needed to make solid efforts to stop operating in the Business as Unusual mode. Second, they needed to focus on their Fitness for the Future.

Both of these efforts are pivots - a shift from a past direction into a new direction. As an avid sailor, I’d call these a tack. It's the same goal but the new tack is more likely to deliver the boat to the goal faster.

Earlier this week I documented how we use our WILD Speed Expedition process to help us accelerate over 100 days with a 3-horizon innovation model that means we build up momentum, bring the team along, and can keep accelerating.

Momentum is something we didn’t focus on during COVID. We needed to focus on reactive & compliance needs as we kept staff safe as possible. We worked on interrupted operating models and had a different set of priorities. All perfectly suited to the Pandemic Era, we’re focused on 2023 being a Business as Usual model - more focused on strategies, opportunities and accelerating.

I’m interested in what you’re doing to accelerate and adapt - please drop me a line with your Expedition back to Business as Usual

Mark Bergin


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