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BETTER FUTURE Awards - Our Next Chapter

Last month we announced the WILD Design Awards. This month we are adding to our expanded awards programs with the first of our new regional awards programs.

The AUSTRALIAN Design Awards expands our market reach in Australia and brings the winners from our existing Australian Award Capitals - Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane into the program. Also included is an open call for nominations to ensure projects that haven't already been captured in the other programs have an opportunity to shine.

The theme of the Australia Design Awards is Better Together - inspired by the Uluru Statement of the Heart. Australia has a troubled past but with time and effort, those issues can be healed. We have an amazing future ahead. A future that will be Better Together - inclusive, equity-based, sustainable, and have strong economics – the core values of BETTER FUTURE.

The awards winners will be announced 9 days before Australia Day. This will enable us to shine a spotlight on those projects that are building a stronger, more inclusive, and more sustainable Australia. Together we can imagine a BETTER FUTURE. We can heal and evolve into the nation we imagine. Together is the key.

The AUSTRALIAN Design Awards regional program will be joined by the ASIAN, EUROPEAN, NORDEN, NORTH AMERICAN, LATIN AMERICAN, AFRICAN and BRITISH ISLES programs. Our goal is to grow the award programs' activity by 10x over the next 5 years. We look forward to celebrating courageous, diverse and excellent design and sharing key market trends and strategic knowledge across our community.

It's time to be WILD, as the design community redesigns everything everywhere and we accelerate to a Better Future.

Mark Bergin


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