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It's Time to be WILD

It is time to thrive - it is time to take a leap into a BETTER FUTURE - it is time to be WILD.

Over the last decade, much of our efforts have focused on sustainability. In 2022, the world decided that Net Zero by 2050 was the new standard, and many nations wanted to accelerate that goal. Beyond Zero is a conversation that is the new standard in innovation. Sustainability is no longer the new horizon – Thriving is.

2023 to the Power of E – a Thriving Economy, A Thriving Environment and Thriving through Equity – the idea of sustainability appears mild compared to the audacious goal of thriving. I doubt anyone wins a gold medal with sustainable performance. To be leaders, we need to focus on the image of thriving, excellence and going beyond.

So, from here on, we will be doing our best to ensure our WILD Exec Club has one focus – Thriving. We’ll be making sure we champion going beyond and excellence, not because it’s easy but because it’s hard - and that’s how we excel. BTW – Thanks to JFK for that snippet.

Another way that we are going beyond is the BETTER FUTURE Equity & Inclusion Index. Starting next week, a reference group of leaders from the WILD Exec Club will begin to define and scope the E&I Index to map out the Sweet Spots and Black Spots for Equity and Inclusion. Sweet Spots help us to accelerate with fewer obstacles. Black Spots give us watchpoints and areas to transform and evolve.

Finally, we have got a host of BETTER FUTURE Awards news. Launching today are the NEW YORK Design Awards 2023 and LONDON Design Awards 2023. Plus, we are rolling out two more regional award programs -the ASAIN Design Awards and EUROPEAN Design Awards. All programs are open for nominations and provide a great opportunity to celebrate projects in our design capitals or regions.

The final bit of BETTER FUTURE Awards news relates to the WILD Design Awards – our global Best of the Best (a.k.a. championship round), where all of the winning projects from the design regions and capitals are Elevated so that we can see which projects stand out as the most WILD projects of 2023. In addition to the WILD Design Awards, we will be running WILD Week Iceland from 4-7 July. A 4-day design study tour with the most WILD Designers, Technologists, Innovators and Transformation Experts in the world. Make sure you’ve saved the date and look out for additional information in the coming weeks!

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