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Town Hall #85 - Beyond Zero - USA

Updated: May 23, 2022

Hosted by Mark Bergin - Founder and CEO of Design Exec Club / BETTER FUTURE


Rick Bell - Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University in the City of New York

Ronnie Peters - Founder and CEO at 360 DESIGN / Creative Director at Hyperloop Transport Technologies

Jon Winebrenner - President and Founder at Hurdler Studios



“Zero is the starting point for something new.” - Mark Bergin 04:11

“Borders need to be either traversed or broken down.” - Rick Bell 10:45

“We will get to beyond zero when we have a single global currency and a passport that allows you to travel to any country.” - Ronnie Peters 14:47

“We will get to beyond zero when we can stop being so angry at each other.” - Jon Winebrenner 15:09

“We will get to beyond zero when boomers, myself included, get out of the way.” - Rick Bell 16:01

“We will get to beyond zero when current extractive energy industries are fully costed for the environmental impact they have.” - Mark Bergin 17:40

“Is zero the elimination of currency?” - Jon Winebrenner 19:58

“If you are trying to actually create generational changes, you have to work out how to get the last 1% of the never-changers to move along.” - Mark Bergin 21:35

“Beyond Zero is coming! Don’t be afraid of change, it’s something to embrace!” - Ronnie Peters 25:02

“Beyond Zero will happen when people feel like their lives and traumas are being seen and healed.” - Jon Winebrenner 26:18

“Beyond Zero will happen when negative is the new positive.” - Rick Bell 27:09

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