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Town Hall #84 - Beyond Zero - EUK

Updated: May 23, 2022

Hosted by Mark Bergin - Founder and Chairman of the Design Exec Club / BETTER FUTURE


Frven Lim - Director (UK) at DP Architects

William Knight - Director at The Renew Consultancy



“What is really important for architects and all kinds of designers, is the reckoning that what we are involved in creating actually makes a huge difference to everyone's lives.” - Frven Lim 03:01

“The leadership for design in the UK is lacking dimension and access to the senior decision makers. It's not agenda driven.” - Will Knight 10:33

“Looking at [design and sustainability] in the long term prism, which is the only way to look at it, there are three questions: is this what we are going to need? Why are we going to need it? Where are we going to get it from?” - Will Knight 11:16

“There's a leadership challenge in the UK which is about whether we can stop designing and making things, and start advocating and spreading the [deisgn] idea virus throughout entire organisations.” - Mark Bergin 13:28

“What I've observed as a Singaporean in the UK, is that there is a much stronger motivation to deliver what you need to do in the short term in order to either win the vote or to benefit directly or indirectly in some way. Therefore... people are not so concerned about what happens in eight to ten years' time, because if it doesn't work out they are no longer here.” - Frven Lim 18:31

“If we are going to get beyond zero, what we need to do is appeal to everybody to find their own values, find their imagination for what they want for their grandchildren's grandchildren.” - Mark Bergin 22:03

“I am keen on sticking to a very clear principle... we all know that sometimes not everything is purely about money, it is about willpower, real love and care, how we educate our next generations to have empathy and to be able to see the bigger picture beyond the immediate gains.” - Frven Lim 30:35

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