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Philip Johnson - Better Future SPOTLIGHT

Updated: May 18, 2022

In this episode of the Better Future Spotlight Mark is joined by Philip Johnson, the Knowledge Transfer Manager for Design and Innovation at KTN. It is a fantastic future-focused discussion about design in education, the future of EVs, knowledge transfer, innovation and circular economy. Have a listen!



“About 80% of product costs, materials costs, environmental costs are defined by what is happening at the earliest stages of innovation.” - Philip 02:20

“It's bizarrely possible for a product to get to market and be beautifully designed, wonderfully packaged, presented ever so well, but without any reference made in the development journey to the user element… those products don't last on the market very long.” - Philip 04:55

“We need to continually go back and review and say “let's upgrade” so that we're doing things that actually build knowledge and sophistication” - Mark 12:51

“Knowledge transfer is such an important thing... we don't just want somebody who can Google the answer, we want somebody who understands a lot more about the depth of the answer.” - Mark 47:00

“The continuing decline, particularly in the UK, in the relevance of design in education is concerning.” - Philip 48:28

“Increasingly, if people are making design decisions then there is an imperative for them to have an understanding and an education that involves design.” - Philip 50:28

“If you go into industry, designers are brought in because scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians can't make products that people want. Yet, when you go to university, it's all about STEM... where is design in all of this?” - Mark 50:51

“[Design] programs are fundamental to embedding a strong design ethos in an economy, particularly when we are doing things more locally.” - Philip 54:42

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