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Celso Borges - Better Future Spotlight

Updated: May 18, 2022

In this episode of the Better Future Spotlight, our CEO and Founder Mark Bergin catches up with Celso Borges, the Experience Design Director at Concentrix Tigerspike. The conversation traverses topics of inclusive design, trust, safety, trauma-informed design, igniting imaginations, and problem-solving and seeking in the broader context of a better future. Celso is a shining example of what excellent, contemporary design can be and it is a delight to have him share his experiences and thoughts with us.


“Where does the culture of social equity start? It starts right at the genesis of the idea, but then it doesn't go on by itself, we need to continue to go with the people that we're actually doing this for.” - Celso 06:11

“We need to design experiences with the global assumption that the people using or interacting with it have suffered some kind of trauma in their past, and therefore it is affecting, changing, influencing the way that they're going to interact with this product or idea.” - Celso 08:01

“We need to understand not just why we're solving this problem, but why we are solving this problem above all others.” - Celso 23:17

“Sometimes action is also about knowing when to stop something because we've determined that this is not the right thing to be doing.” - Celso 24:33

“Design can be used as such a meaningful and impactful tool to solve problems and to create a better future, but we can't just be using it as a means to an end, we need to understand how design can be used, we need to understand the value of it so that we can place it correctly and so that it can have a meaningful place in society.” - Celso 53:11

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