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Town Hall #70 - Strong Economy - AUS

Updated: May 23, 2022

Hosted by Mark Bergin - Founder of the Design Exec Club / BETTER FUTURE


Amber Bonney - Founder and Managing Director at The Edison Agency / President at the Creative Women's Circle

Andrew Hoyne - Founder & Principal at Hoyne

David Montgomery - Founder and Director at Scaffad

Dylan Brady - Conductor (Owner) at Decibel Architecture

Julie Ockerby - CEO, Creative Director & Principal at Meli Studio Australia

Lorena Gaxiola - Director at Lorena Gaxiola Design

Maria Scott - Owner at Eye 2 Connect / Director at the Michael Hughes Foundation & Peer Support Australia

Richard Henderson - Founder & CEO at R-Co Brand




Sometimes things that look beautiful aren’t scalable and don't have the system strategy behind them, 0:03:56
nothing is going to change until these conversations get a seat at the table in the C suite, 0:46:03
If you think about left brain-right brain thinking, people aren't making decisions just based on rational and functional attributes, they're also making decisions on desire, 0:17:40


People don't think that anyone from a creative background is going to talk about money, they expect them to talk about emotions, and feelings and experiences, 0:06:23
Being boxed into an 'art' category is actually working against students’ ability to influence the people who hold the power, who hold the purse strings, 0:40:14


There are so many small businesses, so many great minds, and so many great ideas, but until you have a support network or network of encouragement, you are not going to be able to open doors, to give them an opportunity, 0:53:57


Design is the wealth of presence and connection to what you're doing, 0:37:26
I love the idea of ecological thinking and the way that it can weave economies and culture and craft and care into the way we design and the way we build the world that we live in, 0:50:00


Design provides the emotional bridge between the community and the [end result], 0:23:40


Design is always for the end-user, 0:11:07
It is our responsibility to teach and mentor the next generation, 0:52:52


We should be utilising the resources we have available to the best of our ability, rather than just ripping them down and creating new ones, 0:43:36


Design bridges the gap between an idea and an end outcome, 0:21:48


[Peak industry bodies] need to stop talking about beauty and actually talk about performance, 0:47:00

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