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Town Hall #64 - Inclusion - USA

Updated: May 20, 2022

Hosted by Design Exec Club Founder Mark Bergin


Dan Formosa - Designer // Founder of 4B

Jon Winebrenner - President & Founder at Hurdler Studios

Rick Bell - Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University

Ronnie Peters - Founder and CEO at 360 Design // Creative Director at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc.




Design can be a form of segregation
To achieve inclusion we must design for the entire spectrum
Inclusion is where you have to learn how to be uncomfortable
The key to inclusion is empathy


Having a panel of 5 white males makes it hard to define inclusion
If you dont stand up for inclusion you are complicit
Inclusion is being uncomfortable in unchartered waters


A fish does not know it is in water ... but it does know it is out of water
Inclusion provides a sense of welcome through design, which is a priority
Associating with people who are different helps you see exclusion


There are brands that survive on exclusivity
Inclusion starts with the education system
Inclusion is about being curious to go places and going outside our comfort zone


We need to be educated and have an open mind to create inclusion
Inclusion is taking the person where they haven't been before
Inclusion is showing people it is a safe place
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