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Lisa Roet - Better Future SPOTLIGHT

Updated: May 20, 2022

This week Mark sits down with Lisa Roet - visual artist & designer - for a fascinating discussion about art, science, primates, climate change and mammoth tusks. Lisa shares with us her wealth of passion, knowledge and vision for a Better Future, gathered from her 30+ year career working across the globe studying the complex relationship between humans and their simian relatives. With Mark, Lisa takes us through some of her most recent works, including ‘David Greybeard’, ‘Golden Monkey’, and her mammoth tusk jewellery.


Design Exec Club Next Generation Town Halls - AUS, EUK, USA, ASIA


From a scientific perspective we are classified as apes... this places us within the animal family rather than separate to it
We all come from the same stock... we are all ape
there seems to be more acceptance [of climate change], especially with COVID-19, which has really turned a mirror back on society
People are starting to become aware of the [environmental and social justice] issues that I have been talking about, so I naturally fit into the discussion now
I’m not interested in giving an answer, the aim is to get people to ask questions... that allows them to have an ownership and become part of the discussion
Baby boomers have received a great advantage from this destruction
young people have grown up with this destruction, it has started to be shoved in front of them and it is scary for them
what is interesting is indigenous communities and the role that they play in realigning the way we think about our environment... in Australia alone, Aborginal land use and land management is so much more sophisticated that the way we [settlers] have farmed and forested... we should be listening

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