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Kirsten Mann - Better Future SPOTLIGHT

Updated: May 20, 2022

The Better Future SPOTLIGHT podcast series is a series of one on one conversations with executive designers focusing on how a Better Future can be achieved faster through a design lens.

This week the Better Future Spotlight is shining on Kirsten Mann - Chief Product Officer at Prospection. Mark catches up with Kirsten to discuss the breakthrough work that Prospection are doing to champion data-driven, evidence-based medical decision making. Kirsten explains the exciting power that data has to change the world by creating new truths and catalysing medical products into the market that will help change lives. They also discuss the positive influence of a thoughtful and diverse workforce composition, from the boardroom down, and how creating space for joy and enthusiasm in the workplace helps breed success and satisfaction for staff and clients alike.


covid has helped people understand what happens in pharmaceutical companies a

nd the power of real world evidence

our solutions provide the insights into what is happening with medicines once they are in the real world
yes it is about having the data, but it is also about having the people who have influence getting access to that data
The work that Prospection is doing i

s creating a new source of truth... it’s real world evidence is viable alongside clinical trials

you can get equally valuable information to influence patient treatments [with data-driven real world evidence] than you do with clinical trials... it doesn’t mean it would replace clinical trials but that it is very complimentary
it has been amazing to understand not only the r

oles in the value chain but also the impact you can have with some products

design and products are all about anticipating people’s behaviour
We can give all of these insights, but if we cannot change what prescribers do with the insights then we won’t succeed or get the health outcomes we are looking for. So influencing prescriber behaviour is equally important. It’s about use, value, and the outcome and that is really what we are channeling with behavioural science.
data can change the world

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