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Jordan Waid - Better Future SPOTLIGHT

Updated: May 18, 2022

It's a jam-packed Spotlight episode this week. Mark is joined by creative industry veteran, Jordan Waid. Jordan wears too many hats to describe in a sentence, but in this episode, he and Mark speak about his work on the Precog Report, an exciting, avant-garde report curating the latest design, innovation, futurity & culture headlines. Together they cover identifying the Signals of Significance, looking through the now to uncover what is next, navigating the attention economy, metabolising stimulations vs. regurgitating them verbatim, valuing the pulse offered by younger generations, and more (if you can believe it!).


The future is already here, it's just not very evenly distributed - William Gibson



you need to track what is going on now to find out what is happening next
we’re not right or wrong, we’re just sharing how we see things
[Precog is about] creating an arsenal of patterns to create catalysts
the best pulse that one can have is from the younger generations
how can we get to the point of accepting that there can be two, or more, different opinions on the matter?


most people are as smart as the last person they spoke to
there is a problem right now with having many quick answers, but not necessarily the right answer
there is an important difference between metabolising stimulations and regurgitating them verbatim
we just can’t keep ripping out resources and depleting them
greed and extraction based philosophy and opportunism needs to change
knowledge can be useless if you can’t use it to persuade the most reluctant in the tribe

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