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Jay Valgora - Better Future SPOTLIGHT

Updated: May 18, 2022

In this episode of the Better Future Spotlight, Mark is joined by Jay Valgora of STUDIO V Architecture as he takes us through a truly impressive portfolio of projects. Jay brings with him a phenomenally comprehensive knowledge of New York City and the conversation is a treasure trove of longitudinal design projects that are focused on tackling the edges and gaps of New York by building strong communities, establishing environmental resilience, and addressing inequities. What an absolute treat to take a walk through the mind of one of New York's leading architects.

We recommend checking out the video for this episode so you don't miss out on seeing the remarkable projects that Jay generously describes for us.


STUDIO V projects mentioned:

  • SILO CITY - Buffalo, New York

  • SURF AVENUE - Coney Island, Brooklyn

  • 330 MADISON - New York, New York

  • SHOREFRONT - Brooklyn, New York

  • 800 GRAND CONCOURSE - Bronx, New York

  • UNDERLINE NYC - Long Island City, New York

  • WATERTOWN THEATRE - Watertown, New York

  • HELENA WEST 57 - New York, New York

  • BROOKLYN YARDS - Brooklyn, New York

  • J+K RESIDENCE - New York, New York

  • THE EMPIRE STORES - Brooklyn, New York

Meredith Marshall - Co-Founder & Managing Partner at BRP Companies

Majora Carter - Activist for environmental justice

Dario Calmese - photographer

“Architecture is always dream and function, expression of a utopia and instrument of a convenience” - Roland Barthes


Jay Valgora

“STUDIO V is all about edges, the gaps, the interstices, the missing bits, the parts that have been messed up in our cities and communities.” 0:01:48
“I'll never forget when Superstorm Sandy hit New York and the entire peninsula of the island of Manhattan extending before us was in darkness. I remember I took my children and walked through the streets with flashlights through the canyons of the skyscrapers of Manhattan in total darkness, and I said to them “you have to remember this, this is the tragic legacy that we're leaving for you”.” 0:10:39
“We have to do our part to contravene the legacy [of this climate crisis], we have to do our part to correct it... we need to find new creative ways to create safer housing, to create more resilient housing, to address the waterfront... we must design to exceed the code so that it extends into the next century. As designers, I think that's our obligation.” 0:11:06
“People are paying more attention to their homes, to their environments, to the spaces in which they're hanging out.” 0:18:04
“We're really looking to recreate communities and infuse them with new greenery and amenities by taking the leftover spaces of the city and transforming them.” 0:20:00
“Sustainability and modern architecture can just be soul-stirring, and joyous and warm. To me, modernity can be a warm thing.” - 0:24:13
“I'm inspired by the people who want to change their communities and make them better. I'm interested in the idea of what role we can play, to start to engage and really address the issue of equity in design and public spaces and new kinds of programs for our cities.” 0:36:43

Mark Bergin

“We are now at a stage where we can unlock these past economic powerhouses and give them a new life to take them into the future.” 0:06:08
“When people in New York talk about a resilient building, they're talking about one which is actually going to be able to stand storm surges and such. A lot of places in the world are going to have to deal with this, New York just seems to be a little bit ahead of the curve.” 0:10:26
“We need to think about how we're adding to communities, how we're doing things that are resilient and additive, not just extracting from the environment, extracting from the community.” 0:11:54

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