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David Keech - Better Future SPOTLIGHT

Updated: May 20, 2022

The Better Future SPOTLIGHT podcast series is a series of one on one conversations with executive designers focusing on how a Better Future can be achieved faster through a design lens.

This week Mark is joined by David Keech - Managing Director at Keechdesign UK - as they deconstruct what this current moment, and the future, looks like for design and the world at large.

David and Mark discuss the importance of meaningful distillation in the information age and the understanding that elegance isn’t always simple, they celebrate the moment that has arrived for multidisciplinary design, and they question how well we are pace-matching design and ideas with the crazy world we are living in.

Towards the end of the conversation, David shares his hopeful sentiment for creatives in 2021... ”it feels like a particularly exciting time for anyone who provides ideas for a living“.


Keechdesign UK Covid Lockdown Roadmap -
Download • 3.84MB

Quotes from David

Striving for excellence might be a cliche, but that is what our clients pay us for
Designers are constantly interpreting information
The more information that comes at us the more we need to distill everything
Elegance sometimes should be complicated... some of the most profoundly beautiful music that has ever been written is very complicated
How do you capture innovation?
If there is one word that describes [Keechdesign] it is multidisciplinary
It feels like a particularly exciting time for anyone who provides ideas for a living
There is a lot of need right now
It is interesting to draw inspiration from outside your own discipline
I get a lot of inspiration from new musicians... there is a great British homegrown jazz revolution going on at the moment... it is exciting, it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up

Quotes from Mark

We have to tell multiple stories to get to the right one in the end
Design needs to work out how to accelerate the transformation of our societies
Is the tide of our needs overrunning us?

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