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Christina Hart - Better Future Spotlight

Updated: May 18, 2022

Our founder Mark Bergin is joined by Christina Hart of Studio H for a very human conversation about memories and experience. Christina and Mark's discussion centres around the Design Exec Club values for a Better Future, asking how do you create a stronger economy? How do you create a sustainable environment? How do you practice social equity?

In deciphering these big questions, they talk about the importance of memories, allowing for human irrationality, locating what is next and determining how to get there and knowing when and how to throw caution to the wind and be courageous.



“Now people are saying I want positive experiences, I want to add to people, I want to invest in them.” - Mark Bergin 05:20

“Yes everybody has their proof of vaccination but we need to figure out how to create more space around things so people can feel safer, especially in the smaller, urban environments.” - Christina Hart 13:27

“As a result of covid we can do things in different ways that we never thought possible. The next stage is to explore all that.” - Christina Hart 14:45

“We have passed 'cautious'. We are now opening up and looking to get to a brighter future. It's about what we can do, not what we can't do.” - Christina Hart 17:47

“What is beyond zero? Where is the imagination for generative projects?” - Mark Bergin 19:57

“Designers are the creators of the future.” - Mark Bergin 21:20

“Together as better people we can solve problems.” - Christina Hart 22:24

“A better future doesn't mean a rush to change... we need to think carefully about what we are doing. We have to be brave enough to not rush.” - Christina Hart 23:11

“Not every memory for everyone is the same. You need to have the flexibility to allow people to curate memories in their own way.” - Christina Hart 25:29

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