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Bob Neville - Better Future SPOTLIGHT

Updated: May 20, 2022

This week the spotlight shines on Bob Neville - Global Vice President of retail for Under Armour - as he joins Mark for a conversation about retail, inclusivity, industry leadership, willingness to seek out an education, striving for better, proactive corporate responsibility, and the need for a new name for 'retail'.

Bob speaks from a wealth of global experience but what is perhaps most impressive is his acknowledgment of everything we are yet to learn and the unknown possibilities of what is to come - we agree Bob, "it is an exciting future!".


we always strive for better
the world we find ourselves in has accelerated the thoughts on virtual work and environments
when you look at the process of opening stores... based on what we are working on now with virtual systems and being more efficient, we are saving over 5,000 tonnes of emissions from time spent on planes
I recent years I don't think there has been one watershed moment, it's been an unstopable wave
The world we live in now is less about what somebody can for me but what we can do for others and how we can be good corporate citizens in a way that is inclusive of nature
Under Armour are not waiting to be told what to do... we are proactively looking at how we can be better corporatge citizens, better team members, better members of a community
We have to acknowledge that one size does not fit all
as soon as you give something a title, by default you are excluding something else
it is our responsibilty to speak to people, to listen to people to be educated into something that we may not have otherwise known about
as human beings we have a lot of adapting to do, a lot of learning , but we should never lose sight og what it is to be human
as a brand we are very focused, we're very clear about who we are and what we are getting after... it's not about talking down to people, it's about us helping form communities and relating to consumers
the days of brands dictating what peeople should like and not like are long gone
retail is not dead, bad retail is dead
it is an exciting future!

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