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Bill Dowzer - Better Future SPOTLIGHT

Updated: May 18, 2022

In this episode of the Better Future SPOTLIGHT, Mark sits down with Bill Dowzer - Principal at BVN. They discuss the incredible importance of active listening, how the pandemic has led us to embrace imperfection, establishing productive feedback loops, the emerging power of audiences as co-creators of the design process, and the rich teachings we can learn from Country and Australian First Nations peoples.




The more you learn, the more you realise you don’t know, 0:01:08
We don’t have to know the answers anymore, 0:01:32
We have to unlearn in order to implement and make change, 0:01:38
We are conditioned to provide answers and solutions but in order to really take them somewhere new then we need to actively listen, 0:02:26
The ability to put the right people on the right projects is actually really important, 0:09:38
I always used to think that everyone has to be in the office because that is the way we osmotically learn… but I think there is actually now an elevated learning process that is happening online, especially for younger people, 0:10:27
Innovation is a contact sport, 0:11:25
One thing that is brilliant about right now is that we are willing to accept imperfections in a way we wouldn’t have before… that suddenly drops the pretence that everything has to be perfect, 0:16:14
The user has far more power in the design process now that they used to, 0:26:00
The big shift in Australia, after being away for five years, is the importance of Country, 0:40:36
We don't need to have answers, we don't need to defend what we have done, we just need to listen and engage, 0:41:31
Giving a voice to First Nations communities is a pathway to so much learning, 0:42:49


the technologies that are coming through build tech are phenomenal, 0:15:56
I think we need to realize just how terrible the settings are for the people our society doesn't care about, 0:38:24
Listening is an urgent need, 0:38:42

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