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Andrew Hoyne - Better Future SPOTLIGHT

Updated: May 20, 2022

This week we are shining the spotlight on Andrew Hoyne - Founder & Principal at Hoyne / publisher of The Place Economy. Andy and Mark dig their heels into the concept of Place Visioning™ and unpack five of Hoyne's innovative and unique services that are leading us into a better future: TRADERHOOD, HIGH STREET CPR, INSTAPLACE, PLACEBOOK, and WELLVAL. Andy is overflowing with rich insight from his impressive 30+ year career and we are incredibly excited to share some of it with you in this episode.



Place Visioning - the way that we describe PLace Visioning is that it identifies demand to inform supply. It's a robust process that starts with a needs analysis and it results in a framework for built form.
The ultimate goal is to deliver a positive economic impact and also have social engagement... to create places people want to be in
[Hoyne is] bringing a commercial lens to this traditional process of place-making
We are taking time to re-evaluate the place in a post-pandemic context
The idea of place-making bringing people together became contradictory in 2020 when the idea was to stay apart
There is a real opportunity to make industrial environments more engaging and dynamic
Developments are legacy-making ventures
Having a social mindset will always result in increased margins
The way that we move forward is by sharing ideas, looking for new solutions, being open and trying new things
The right kinds of [economic] questions can have a huge impact

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