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Indra Nooyi & Mauro Porcini - Better Future Champions

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Design and food are an often complicated pair. Most would begin with high-end chefs or food stylists, however today we are taking it right back to the product and ingredients. A few years ago PepsiCo popped up on the DRIVENxDESIGN radar. At first, I will admit, I was a little cautious – at that stage, I only had an understanding of Pepsi Cola, but thankfully I pursued Pepsi Co and discovered one of the most engaging design stories I have ever explored. This is a story of CDO and CEO – one enabling and the other executing. Former CEO Indra Nooyi and SVP & CDO  Mauro Porcini are the incredible protagonists of this story.

PepsiCo is best known for its namesake product, however, their other 22 brands and wholesale ingredients company often go unnoticed. Through these lesser-known aspects of the company, (including brands such as Quaker Oats, Kevita Kombucha, LIFE WTR and Sunbites), PepsiCo offers some interesting design solutions, tackling how to position and enhance, and how to be kinder to the environment. This is a company that makes products for people, rather than just throwing passionless advertising at them.

PepsiCo operate with three concept themes: Good for You, Better for You, and Fun for You. This platform assists in focusing product groups and consumption patterns. They have also pursued packaging innovation, developing bio-based bottles. Unlike many large multinationals, PepsiCo have been quick to adjust their products to fit the needs of modern customers, bringing the ‘human’ to food design.

Most importantly, PepsiCo has had two fundamental drivers – an informed and courageous CEO, Indra Nooyi and an experienced creator, SVP, & CDO in Maruo Porcini. Without such a powerful one-two punch, it would be almost impossible to achieve such rapid enterprise-wide changes. I am encouraged and inspired by PepsiCo’s expedition to a Better Future. Hopefully their leadership, courage, and achievements will accelerate others in the food sector to start their Expedition to a Better Future.

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